Where is Presidential Leadership in the Economic Crisis?

Like many people, I’ve been wondering, “What is President Bush doing about the economic crisis?” Apparently, not leading. Maybe hiding under his desk. CNN suggests that nobody is really stepping up to provide direction.

As the United States writhes in a collapsing economy, analysts and observers are wondering: Who’s skippering the ship? President Bush has been noticeably absent from the machinations aimed at righting the nation’s financial course.

Although the CNN article weakly cites President-elect Obama for not stepping into the limelight, the article also allows that the Obama camp is likely working behind the scenes and would show should leadership by naming a Secretary of the Treasury, which now appears done in the form of Tim Geithner.

President Bush should really have been front and center during the last few months. He at first did go on television to urge the passing of the bailout, but since then he has been largely in hiding. He should have been regularly reassuring Americans that everything possible was being done and outlining the steps that he was taking. At least the President-elect is moving in that direction with his weekly broadcasts on change.gov.

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