Welcome to Citizen CEO

Happy New Year! Happy Election Year!

Citizen CEO is kicking off. After over 40 years of searching for an honest, comprehensive picture of what is going on with the U.S. government, I’ve decided to stop looking for what doesn’t exist and start creating. Are we getting effective government? Are elected officials doing what we expect them to do? Who should we elect to get a more ethical, more sustainable approach to governing? Citizen CEO is going pursue these kinds of questions.

Since its a presidential election election year, and I have limited resources, I’ll probably focus on “How do we choose the best President?” But, there are plenty of other possible inquires, time and energy permitting.

The goal will be to explore relevant directions and then, along the way, compile them into decision making aids. These will be refined along the way, hopefully based on your input. I expect that the conversation will focus on such things as data-based impacts of various policies, who is aligned with who, what motivations are at play, and who benefits from a given policy. I will not be focusing who is going to win the election, political scandals, or the wild antics of Britney Spears.

I have no political agenda other than to provide clear information such that a citizen can make an informed decision. I believe that kind of framework is sorely missing and hope to provide it for those of you that might be, like me, seeking to make a good choice.

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