This page contains summaries and links to other sites that provide useful tools and perspectives for your own analysis of public policy issues.

U. S. Government

Money and Power is a wiki of citizen-edited reference of information about congress.Legistorm provides a database of legislative salaries, gifts, travel expenses, and more.The National Priorities Project "analyzes and clarifies federal data so that people can determine how their money is spent. " Also has an interesting calculator to determine opportunity cost -- for example, how many schools could have been bought with the money spent on the Iraq War?

US Government Spending. A fine site with a lot of information.

US Debt Clock. 

opensecrets.orgThe Campaign Finance InstituteCQ Money LineCampaign Money

National Institute on Money in State Politics

Sunlight Foundation delves into the role of money in politics seeks to highlight the role of money in politics


Military Strength

FRB: Economic Reseach & DataCensus Bureau Home PageEnergy Information - Reliable Security InformationWorld Military Strength RankingArmed Forces of the World DatabaseCompare the World’s Military Power « Seb’s Blog

World Military Strength Comparison

Social Action

Policy Analysis

Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps injured servicemenAdopt A Platoon, which provides assistance to deployed troopsAny Solider. which channels support to soldiers in harm’s way

FreeRice, which is a kind of vocabulary flash card game where 20 grains of rice is donated for each correct definition.

Worldwatch InstituteThe Pew Research Center for the People & the PressPolitiFact

Other Data Sources

Voting Support

GeoHive: Global StatisticsCommunity Data - SwivelCIA - The World FactbookiCasualties gives casualty figures about the Iraq War.

Muckety is an interesting site that shows diagrams of how people are related to each other and other organizations. Good for seeing hidden connections.

International Money Fund. Country by country comparison data and statistics.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Vote SmartSelect SmartVotimusCalifornia Independent Voter Project