Pie Chart of Who Holds US Debt — The Highest Isn’t China

Tonight’s inquiry: Who really holds the much discussed US debt? Well, I took a look first at what the total debt was right now. The total is $14.7 trillion and counting of course. But, what was a little shocking was that next to that number was a calculation divvying up the debt to $47K per person! That’s quite a bit higher than the $30K number I reported in 2008. Yikes! I’ll have to delve into the differences later, but you can see a graph of how steeply debt/citizen had risen here, which is on a fine site chock full of interesting information on the debt.

Anyway, I just wanted to get the essential idea of who held US debt, so using some rough figures from the US Department of the Treasury, I put together this little graph. Its not meant to be 100% accurate, just to give the relative proportions.


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    […] 2,314 [QUOTE=foolardi;120960] Originally Posted by Eighty Deuce The other poster was correct. China stopped buying our debt over 2 years ago. We now buy most of it, which will devalue our dollar sooner or later. I believe you are confusing China with Japan.China has overtaken Japan as our Biggest debt holder,a few years ago.China is our Biggest Debt holder,currently. A Little over $ 1 Trillion worth.As far as Fed Chair Bernacke,the printing of $ 85 Billion per month w/ QE3 is mostly being held in Reserve.Meaning it is not being put out to Banks or into the public. Our biggest foreign debt holder. Pie Chart of Who Holds US Debt — The Highest Isn’t China | Citizen CEO […]

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