Global Warming

C02 Lags Temperature and Human Causes of Global Warming

As I was researching some of the comments on a previous post, here are some interesting items that I found: 1. C02 has historically lagged temperature, a fact that is often cited by global warming skeptics. Temperature and CO2 are difficult to measure and compare. The time resolution is low, and while C02 is an…

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Global Temperature Regains 20 Years of Lost Movement

While perusing the arguments on global warming, I happened across an article by Lorne Gunter that claims that “30 years of warmer temperatures go poof.” The article asserts that because recent global temperature anomalies went down to around the 0 mark, the temperature rise claimed by global warming researchers has been erased and all the…

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The Foundational Case for Global Warming

Despite what seems to be an ironclad case for global warming and the assumption that it is human caused , there is still considerable debate in the media. If we are going to create appropriate public policy to deal with climate change, then we have to keep from being diverted by the fallacious arguments. Unfortunately,…

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