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Where is Presidential Leadership in the Economic Crisis?

Like many people, I’ve been wondering, “What is President Bush doing about the economic crisis?” Apparently, not leading. Maybe hiding under his desk. CNN suggests that nobody is really stepping up to provide direction. As the United States writhes in a collapsing economy, analysts and observers are wondering: Who’s skippering the ship? President Bush has…

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Bleak Predictions in the ODNI Global Trends for 2025 Report

This was recently released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: News Release No. 19-08 November 20, 2008 ODNI Releases Global Trends Projections By 2025, the accelerating pace of globalization and the emergence of new powers will produce a world order vastly different from the system in place for most of the post-World…

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What Are the Indicators of the Financial Crisis?

It would be nice to have a concrete way to know if the financial crisis is getting better or worse. Or course the indicators would probably include the housing market, asset-backed securities, commercial paper, interest rates, GDPs, and the availability of credit. I couldn’t come up with a complete picture, but here’s what’s out there…

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